How to get Biggoron's Sword

Things you need before you can get Biggoron’s Sword: Longshot, Unfreeze King Zora, Epona, some weapons.

Do/Get all the idems listed above first. Go to Kakariko Village and talk to the cucco lady. She should give you a “Pocket Cucco”.

Cucco Lady
Play the Sun’s Song twice. It should say the Pocket Cucco hatched, and it should. Take it into the house near the big stairs that take you up near the Death Mountain Trail entrance. Talon should be sleeping on a bed. Wake him up with the cucco like you did as a kid near the Hyrule Castle entrance. Talk to him. Then give the Pocket Cucco back to the cucco lady. The cucco should be happy so the lady will give you a blue cucco named Cojiro. Exit Kakariko. Call Epona. If she isn’t near by. Hop on Epona. Ride her to the Kokiri Forest. Head up to the Lost Woods. Turn Right when your in the Lost Woods. Give Cojiro to the man laying by a log. He will then give you an “Odd Mushroom”. Exit the Lost Woods and then exit Kokiri Forest. Quickly ride Epona to Kakariko Village. Make sure it is day when your in Kakariko, if not play the Sun’s Song once. Go up the big stairs in Kakariko and enter the Potion Shop. Once inside, enter the door across from where you entered. Jump off the little area your on. Go up the stairs near by then enter the door. You will find a different Potion Shop with the old hag the man was talking about inside. Give the Odd Mushroom to her. She will give you a Mushroom Potion. Quickly go back to the place the man was in the Lost Woods. You will find a girl there instead. Give the potion to her. She will then give you a saw. Ride Epona to Gerudo Valley. Use your longshot to get across the bridge if the bridge is still broken. Give the saw to the man on the other side. He will give you a broken Biggoron’s Sword. Head to the top of the Death Mountain Trail. Biggoron will pop up. Give him the broken Biggoron’s Sword. He can’t fix it yet because his eyes need eye drops. So he gives you a prescription. Take the prescription to King Zora in Zora’s Domain. Give him the prescription for eye drops. He will give you eye drop ingreedence. Hurry out of Zora’s Domain and the Zora’s River. Ride Epona to Lake Hylia. Enter the Laboratory. Give the ingredence to the old man. He will give you some eye drops. Exit the lab, call Epona, and exit Lake Hylia. Jump the two black fences and head to where you met Biggoron. Give him the eye drops. He will give you a claim check. Play the Sun’s Song probably about 6-8 times. After you’ve played the Sun’s Song about 6-8 times, show Biggoron the claim check. He will give you Biggoron’s Sword. Now it’s on your “Equipment Subscreen”. Equipt it if you want. Biggoron’s Sword can only be held with both two hands though. Good Luck!
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